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Victorian Tailor

In case you haven’t heard the news, there’s a new guy in town.  Literally.  He’s moved to Seattle from the UK.  Quite exciting actually.  Just how often do you get to meet and work with a cool, hip, “Bespoke Tailor” anyway?

Jason MacLochlainn’s the name and Victorian or Edwardian Tailoring is his special game!

What’s especially newsworthy is that Jason is not only an accomplished Victorian Tailor with a long list of satisfied clientele, but he is also a published author.  Impressed yet?  Should be.

Available both in the U.S. and in the U.K., is the bea-uuuuuu-tiful book called The Victorian Tailor.  It has hit the stands in a big way.  Not limited to interested females who sew, men are buying this book as a “bible” for tailoring and techniques for menswear. 

Yes, you can snag your own affordable copy thru or Borders Books and other sources.  But, if you happen to be in the general area and shoot me an email, we might be able to “hook you up” to get your copy autographed by the author himself.

P.S.  On April 3, 2011, Jason will be teaching a Tailoring 101 Workshop in Seattle.  VERY affordable, lots of one-on-one time, small class of people, located in Seattle.  Hop out to the Somewhere in Time, Unlimited site to see all the details.

Come on.  What you waiting for?

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The New “Victorian Calling Card”

Calling card avail at Victorian Trading Company!

In Victorian days gone by, when a respectful person went to someone’s residence, the person would  hand the maid or butler a beautifully printed (sometimes embossed) calling card, in order to be announced to the resident of the home they were visiting.   The resident would then decide if they had the time (or inclination) to invite the owner of the calling card, deeper into the residence for a chat.

What would a Victorian lady or gentleman use today? 

That thought crossed THIS Victorian Lady’s mind when reviewing that wonderful old courtesy of the calling card.  It occurred to Lady Victoria, that nowadays people tend not to do as much visiting in person any longer.  The lack of time, due to family, work and church obligations, together with the great distances in this great nation we call the United States, makes it a particular challenge.

Instead, we are “virtually visiting” each other, using email, streaming media over our computer’s camera, posting favorite images on Facebook (either as an update or as a photo album), and now the courtesy of dropping in on your friends has extended to Tweeting on Twitter.

What’s a genteel Lady living in the 21st century to do?  “Facebook” and “Tweet” with the best of them, of course!

Yes, Lady Victoria has now entered the posting of random information on Facebook (look for me as: Lady Victoria Seattle) and the fast “stream” on Twitter under the handle of: @SITUSeattle

It’s so AMAZING what information is readily available and the wonderful conversations that can be engaged with interesting folks world-wide, via these two vehicles.  No longer does one have to submit an email or calling card to only one person in a household, to wait and see if that someone has time in their day to chat.  Now, the whole world is literally listening and willing to jump into the conversation!  What would Alexander Graham Bell have to say to THIS invention????  Party-line to the 3rd power!

Yes, Lady Victoria is very amused and delighted with all the new friends she is gaining, many of whom have historical costuming, Victorian dress, Victorian decorating, 18th century attire, sewing and glittery parties on their minds!

And so, on that happy note, Lady Victoria of Essex would like to encourage you to link, follow or engage via the various avenues.  Be sure to introduce yourself and tell me that you found me from this blog.  I’m sure we will have much to discuss….

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Victorian & Edwardian Hat Decorating

It’s that time of year when historical costumers are invited to participate in a number of centennial parades and festivities. 

Can’t much do it easily at other times of year because weather in Seattle is unpredictable, even if we DO settle for “mostly cloudy and partly sunny” forecasts or wind up with showers.  We are after all, talking about The Evergreen State!
Back to hats.  If you are within driving range of Seattle, Washington and have interst in decorating a Victorian or Edwardian or other hat of your choice that you already own, we (of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited) would LOVE to invite you to come participate in a creative afternoon of hat decorating, entirely FREE!
Here is a link to the details:
Would you be brave enough to participate in a parade with us?  I can assure you, it is a wonderful feeling.  The audiences are generally VERY thrilled to see people portraying a different era.  Even my husband Sir Harry and his gentlemen stride happily along side, tipping their hats to the ladies and waving as we go along.
If you like hat decorating, you might also be interested in hat PIN making, also one of our upcoming Workshops.
Stay in touch.  Happy to add you to an email list if you’d like to receive info on the Design Studios or Workshops in 2010.
All the best for lovely hat results!
Lady Victoria of Essex
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Titanic – Survivors Hit…

Titanic - Dressed out in banners, Good Friday 1912
Titanic - Dressed out in banners, Good Friday 1912, Courtesy Michael Pocock

…A joyful note this past Feb 28, 2009 when the members and friends of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited held Titanic-The Survivors’s Ball in Seattle, Washington. 

This historic costuming group paid homage to the fallen and the survivors of this noteworthy vessel in our history.  Guests were treated to a 7-course Edwardian-style dinner which was catered by Cindy Madsen of Ravenrook Feasts as a special benefit to the group.  Ms. Madsen dished up sumptuous round after round, while a few senior classmembers of Holy Names Academy provided excellent table-side service.  Thank you to the lovely ladies adorned in Battenburg-lace aprons.

web-63-loveday-fred-cropped1The delightful husband/wife duo of Kleinschmidt and Conquest, dressed in their special formal attire for the evening.

Several times, this couple (along with many other attendees) could be seen about the room chatting with other guests and partaking in the excellent dinner.

Long-time members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited, they can be seen in several photos on the main website’sPrior Events“.

Guests were encouraged to pose before the image of Titanic in preparation of  “boarding”.


web-713-vanetta-gene-22Always stylish and chic, Mr. & Mrs. Cash stepped out in grand style and allowed a quick snap of the photo lens to capture their dashing image!

Not to be outdone, I hear they were spotted twirling to a tune or two during the evening.  The rest of the time, they were lively company to their tablemates with news of “other survivors” in attendance….

This couple is relatively new to the group Somewhere in Time, Unlimited but have been spotted at a number of events since “coming aboard”.  They are great fun and I hope you get to meet them soon.

Opera Singer - Jeffrey Jordan & The Ragtime Orchestra
Opera Singer - Jeffrey Jordan & The Ragtime Orchestra

World-renowned opera tenor Jeffrey Jordan graced the audience with his brilliant performance of various songs all evening including “Torna A Sorriento”.  (Currently, he performs with Seattle Opera as well as represents the needs of artistic individuals when purchasing or selling homes in the Seattle area as a real estate agent.)  His vocal duet partner this evening was none other than soprano Lady Victoria, also of local Seattle fame.

Orchestra Maestro - Phil Wilkinson
Orchestra Maestro - Phil Wilkinson

Their musical efforts were complimented by the very talented, 13-piece Ragtime Waltz Orchestra lead by Maestro Phil Wilkinson.

The Maestro had chosen musical pieces that reflected the Titanic era such as “After The Ball”, “I Want a Gal, (just like the gal that married dear old dad)” and a number of ragtime, “piano-roll blues” and Castle waltz favorites which his orchestra performed “to a T”.  Well done, ladies and gents!!!

Also in attendance was a young ballerina Miss Madeline Peters who is sure to be a rising star on Seattle’s stage.  We look forward to seeing more of your performances Ms. Peters!  Guests enjoyed the dance instruction of the Castle Waltz as performed by Miss Christine Pinto and Miss Pippin Sardo.  This demonstration was the opening signal that the dance floor was now open for all to enjoy.  Thank you, ladies.

web-p1020668Master of Ceremonies for the evening was the dashing and charming “Captain” Alfred Myers.  His beautiful wife Linda greeted guests as they “boarded” and pinned fragrant carnation  boutonnieres to lapels and dresses.  Thank you to you both for enchanting everyone with your style and grace and making us feel so welcome!

If you missed this Event but enjoy historical costuming, hop out to the website of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited and check out the Calendar to see when you might meet up with us again.  We are headed for Port Townsend, Washington next for their Victorian Festival.  See you soon….


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The ghosts of Ezra & Eliza Jane Meeker…

Might’ve been in attendance when the members and guests of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited held a “Tea and Murder Mystery” at the historical residence of the Meekers in Puyallup, Washington on Oct. 26, 2008.

Ezra Meeker, as some will remember, was man of significance due to his connection to the Oregon Trail and the impact of hops farming in the Puyallup valley.  His lovely wife, Eliza Jane, had gone with him to England where she fell in love with Queen Victoria’s  home.  Ezra, being a rational man, told his wife if she wanted such a home, she’d build and pay for it, herself.  Well, never underestimate the power of a driven woman!  If you’d like to read more about the Meekers, visit the mansion’s site.

The tea at the mansion was hosted and served by the talented docents of the mansion in delightful costumes.  The food was delicious and the hot tea was served and refilled multiple times to grateful recipients.  There’s nothing like tepid warm tea, so having HOT tea served is WONDERFUL! 

Even the decorating at the mansion is incredible.  They have been able to replicate or restore much of the high style of the Victorian splendor in the house.   SITU participants were given guided tours thru the mansion.  We we treated to viewing quality furniture, beautiful fireplace mantels, leaded windows, crown moulding, stencils, inlaid wood, hidden spaces and more, along with a history lesson of the home and the family.

I am in the process (as of this writing), of putting together a webpage featuring photos of the frivolity of the afternoon tea.  Visit SITU’s regular site at: and click on Past Events.  If I don’t have the photos up when you look, check back.  I may have them up soon, or email me and I’ll let you know when they’re uploaded.

In case you’re wondering, the murder mystery was solved and the missing antique necklace was recovered.  It turned out to be the ficticious half-sister of Eliza Jane.  Thank you to the Meeker Mansion management and docents who played along with us in the fun for the afternoon.  You folks were tremendous….

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Looking for reenactors in Seattle?

Look no further for either the reenactors OR the “Dress-up Opportunities” to participate!

Somewhere in Time, Unlimited is a costume, historical events social group based in the Seattle area.  Many of us wear vintage costumes or custom-make our own.  Although we host at least 4 major Events per year, we also like to participate in a number of fun and interesting things happening in our community at which we can turn up in costume, fitting of the theme of course! 

One such “Dress-up Opportunity” is going to be this weekend at the Master Builders’ Association “REX Awards” for the remodelers (this is THEIR Academy Awards), who will win top notations in their industry.  We were asked by the MBA to act as “color” to their event and show up in 1920’s sort of garb to do the “meet and greet” of all the people coming to the awards on Saturday evening.  Coooooool, huh?  We’re very honored indeed.

Then, on June 28, 2008, you will find us in 1908 attire up at the Carnegie Library in Snohomish, WA for the Capital Campaign Kick-offSeems that the city needs to raise money to restore the beautiful old library into a meeting space / hall rental sort of space since there is now a “new” library just down the street.  Wave at us when you go by (we’ll be out front), or BETTER YET, come in and make a donation!!!!

Another FUN “Dress-up Opportunity” is happening on July 19, 2008.  SITU members are signed up to participate in the “Hi-Yu” Parade in West Seattle.  This is a famous community parade and part of the annual Sea-Fair Festivities in the Seattle area.  Since SITU doesn’t officially own a “float”, I’m entering my old Dodge pick-up truck as the “float” and we’re inviting folks interested to come join us.  We’ll be dressed in 1920’s and 1930’s style, playing music from the truck, walking in the parade route and waving at the crowd.  For a few of the mature members, we’ll have the bed of the truck available to sit on (perched on a bale of hay perhaps?) so they too, can wave at the crowd.  Afterwards, we’re going to a member’s home who lives in W. Seattle for a picnic lunch at her little cottage.  Should be a total blast.  I encourage anyone from the Seattle area to email me so we can coordinate meeting up at the head of the parade.  Email to:  LadyVictoria “at”

And this just BEGINS the fun we have set up for the second half of 2008!  Hop out to our regular website:  or if it’s easier to remember:  and take a look at theCalendar” for a running list of what’s happening, “Dress-up” for those community Dress-up Opportunities“, andUpcoming Eventsthat will show you what we have officially planned to host this year.  There will be “Opportunities” for Victorian reenactors in Seattle and WWII reenactors coming up next year too.

Hope you too, can be a Seattle reenactor and join with us in the frivolity!!!!

Smiles from the lush and green NW corner of these GREAT United States,
Auntie Rita