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Historical Costume Sale – In Seattle!

 Historical Costuming Sale in Seattle!!!!! 

Somewhere in Time, Unlimited has been generously offered the costuming estate of one of our members who passed away last year. There will be oodles of “finds” one can use, including… accessories. We will have other vendors there who are members, also selling their garments and accessories. Sound good so far?This is a MUST ATTEND gathering, and it’s FREE to get in! Be sure to set aside the date on your calendars.Additionally, the following weekend, we will be holding a special “tea” where you can bring your finds and/or fabric, to ask a panel of seasoned costumers and folks in attendance, how you might be able to improve on what you bought, re-muddle it, make something terrific out of what you bought, and in general, spend a delightful afternoon with friends! See you soon…. Lady V.

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Bootleggers Spotted in Skagit Valley…

Bootleggers – Runners of illegal, home-brewed hooch.  Makers, sellers and/or transporters of alcoholic liquor for sale illegally.

Early one Sunday morning, cars of various makes and models descended upon a church parking lot in Snohomish. 

 From these vehicles, the occupants stepping out were wearing Fedoras, plaid caps, boater hats, and the ladies in cloche or straw hats.  The garments were short daytime dresses on the ladies, while “knickers” and gangster-looking attire on the men could be viewed.

Why were they entering the lot and leaving every minute and a half or so? 

 Well, one could guess they were avoiding the local “coppas”, but in actuality, the participants were gathering maps and instructions for “The Bootleggers’ Run”, the Spring Event for the historical costume group Somewhere in Time, Unlimited (SITU). 

This gimmick rally was orchestrated by Somewhere in Time, Unlimited. The group is based in the Seattle, Washington area.  The actual route was laid out and planned by Lady Victoria and Sir Harry of Essex to be simple enough for people to enjoy, yet challenging enough that Drivers and Navigators would need to pay attention to the surrounding countryside as the route wound its way north into the Skagit Valley.

Drizzle fell from the sky at Marysville.  Reports of brilliant sunshine on Fir Island gave everyone hope.  The end of the rally would be an indoor picnic at a beautifully maintained 1898 Victorian home. 

The owners of the property (George & Don)  prepared the setting well for all the Bootleggers who were to arrive in the early afternoon.  Even their friend John (owner of the Foxglove Guesthouse in Seattle), was on site playing 78 records on vintage phonographs, the sounds floating across the yard and into the house lending an air of vintage charm .

The food selections were incredible, from savory to sweet.  Champagne flowed, as did small shot glasses of Absinthe.  Looking around, you would swear you stepped straight into the era of Prohibition.

The vintage cars which appeared for the day’s festivities were driven by members from the Skagit/Snohomish Horseless Carriage Club and NW Speedsters.  We were all honored by your presence and willingness to participate in the fun.  We hope you had a good time too!

Looking for an excuse for adult dress-up and you’re looking for a fun bunch of folks to share your passion?  Then consider coming along to our upcoming events: “Summer by The Lake” (late Victorian or early Edwardian) and “Stage Door Canteen” (the war years of 1938-1945).  Lady V and Sir Harry would love to welcome you to the next event!

Check out our website at:  We even offer free or very low-cost classes for those interested in learning more!  All ages are welcome…

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Autumn Leaf Festival – I just love a good parade…

There’s just something so joyful about actually being IN a parade, at least for me.  This year, I’ve been in 3 so far and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, even the “staging” part where we all have to wait for 2 hrs before “go time”.

Various members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited joined me in the parades.  We dressed in historical costumes – one parade had a “nautical” theme up in Mukilteo, Washington and the other two parades we dressed in “1920’s” and blared some awesome music from a talented local group of musicians calledCombo de Luxe“.  Click HERE to listen to one of their tunes.

This past weekend, we skipped across the Cascade Mountains to the small town of Leavenworth, WA where we borrowed a truck from a fabulous real estate agent named Cameron West, son of Mike West of the Prudential Mike West notariety.  Leavenworth is this darling knock-off Bavarian town which is nestled in a kettle of mountains in eastern Washington State.  About 3-4 times a year, they hold major festivals that draw HUGE crowds of people from Seattle.  See a photo from the town’s own website here below:

The streets were PACKED with smiling faces as we rolled past the residents of and visitors to this quaint town.  The organizers of the parade did a tremendous job of keeping on schedule, having everything well organized so that the staging went smoothly and quickly.  They even thanked us for rolling over the mountains to participate in the event!

Also in the parade were a really fun bunch of pirates visiting from Seattle.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a name of the two men or their group, but “Aaaaar maties, there were some fiiiiiine lookin’ men in that thar bunch!”

Thank you everyone, for making us feel so welcome.  Thank you Leavenworth, for holding such a FUN yearly activity where people from far and wide can come to your streets, enjoy the wide variety of talents participating in the parade, the music at the bandstand, the delicious German foods, the oodles of gifts we can purchase in your stores and of course importantly, the “Gemutlichkeit”!  We’ll be back next year and hopefully with a larger group this time.

Fond smiles from the historical costumers of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited, Seattle.

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Looking for reenactors in Seattle?

Look no further for either the reenactors OR the “Dress-up Opportunities” to participate!

Somewhere in Time, Unlimited is a costume, historical events social group based in the Seattle area.  Many of us wear vintage costumes or custom-make our own.  Although we host at least 4 major Events per year, we also like to participate in a number of fun and interesting things happening in our community at which we can turn up in costume, fitting of the theme of course! 

One such “Dress-up Opportunity” is going to be this weekend at the Master Builders’ Association “REX Awards” for the remodelers (this is THEIR Academy Awards), who will win top notations in their industry.  We were asked by the MBA to act as “color” to their event and show up in 1920’s sort of garb to do the “meet and greet” of all the people coming to the awards on Saturday evening.  Coooooool, huh?  We’re very honored indeed.

Then, on June 28, 2008, you will find us in 1908 attire up at the Carnegie Library in Snohomish, WA for the Capital Campaign Kick-offSeems that the city needs to raise money to restore the beautiful old library into a meeting space / hall rental sort of space since there is now a “new” library just down the street.  Wave at us when you go by (we’ll be out front), or BETTER YET, come in and make a donation!!!!

Another FUN “Dress-up Opportunity” is happening on July 19, 2008.  SITU members are signed up to participate in the “Hi-Yu” Parade in West Seattle.  This is a famous community parade and part of the annual Sea-Fair Festivities in the Seattle area.  Since SITU doesn’t officially own a “float”, I’m entering my old Dodge pick-up truck as the “float” and we’re inviting folks interested to come join us.  We’ll be dressed in 1920’s and 1930’s style, playing music from the truck, walking in the parade route and waving at the crowd.  For a few of the mature members, we’ll have the bed of the truck available to sit on (perched on a bale of hay perhaps?) so they too, can wave at the crowd.  Afterwards, we’re going to a member’s home who lives in W. Seattle for a picnic lunch at her little cottage.  Should be a total blast.  I encourage anyone from the Seattle area to email me so we can coordinate meeting up at the head of the parade.  Email to:  LadyVictoria “at”

And this just BEGINS the fun we have set up for the second half of 2008!  Hop out to our regular website:  or if it’s easier to remember:  and take a look at theCalendar” for a running list of what’s happening, “Dress-up” for those community Dress-up Opportunities“, andUpcoming Eventsthat will show you what we have officially planned to host this year.  There will be “Opportunities” for Victorian reenactors in Seattle and WWII reenactors coming up next year too.

Hope you too, can be a Seattle reenactor and join with us in the frivolity!!!!

Smiles from the lush and green NW corner of these GREAT United States,
Auntie Rita

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1920’s Speakeasy Relived – in Seattle’s Georgetown?

Somewhere in Time, Unlimited invited its members and several members of local dance groups to participate in reliving a 1920’s Speakeasy on March 30, 2008.  The event was held at the beautifully rennovated Georgetown Ballroom which looks like it stepped straight out of the 1920’s club scene.

Brick walls, a sign rescued before demolition of a true speakeasy in north Seattle, silk electrified lanterns in various colours hanging from the ceiling, a backbar, a courtyard with an antique car at mid-restoration point parked there (must I go on?) lended to the building and event’s vintage atmosphere.

Women in attendence came as beautiful movie-star-quality ladies, dressed in wonderful 1920’s fashions.  The gentlemen notably also came in tuxedos, spats and zoot suits.  The younger members had the infamous “Flapper Girl” sort of look.

The “totally ficticious and made-up backstory” that was used about Shanghai Lily was:

She was a well known woman of questionable breeding, hung out in the “wrong part of town”, and had opened a dance establishment that (gasp!) served liquor when the cops on the beat turned their heads.

Yes, “Shanghai Lily” was her name.  Her speakeasy establishment was in operation from 1919 to 1933, on and off, but mostly “on”. (In celebration of such a successful party, I will be posting up photos to the SITU website very soon.  When you go into “Prior Events”, Look for a new tab in the 200called “Shanghai Lily’s Speakeasy”.)


It was a classy, but raucous sort of place with great musicians, quality food and of course, the mandatory hooch that the folks all wanted despite Prohibition.  When the sharp blow of a whistle was heard or rumour was that the cops were on the way, supplies were dropped into the underground tunnel that ran beneath the dance floor and wound up across the street at a warehouse containing ice in old Georgetown, just south of downtown Seattle.  There were many close calls, but it was seldom that the early Seattle police force (who happened to be located just down the street!) ever managed to capture Lily’s hooch or girls!

This Spring, come visit Shanghai Lily’s notorious establishment and judge for yourself if you are participating in SITU’s Spring Event, or if you’re reliving history by stepping back into time as a “Hep Cat” in your spats, a gangster out of Chicago visiting, a “Modern Millie” from New York, a “Flapper Girl” of Gatsby’s quality, a beautiful vision to rival Ginger Rogers, or maybe just one of Lily’s girls.

We’ll be meeting on a Sunday late afternoon.  The cops will never suspect.  Shhhhhh.

Knock twice and tell them “The Possum sent me“….

The event was a total hoot, complete with “Da Copper” who came to “bust da joint”!  If you’d like to see all the photos of this really fun event and all the lovely costumes, click here: