Lady Victoria of Essex

The historical costuming club, Somewhere in Time Unlimited, has elected new officers this year.  We are fortunate to have a strong and vivacious leader in Lady Victoria of Essex as President!

Lady Victoria has been a member of SITU for a number of years, serving in various positions during that time.  She has been responsible for fresh innovation and developing new growth opportunities for the club.  Lady V’s business background in Marketing, Real Estate, Hotel Management, Volunteerism as a Trustee on a number of non-profit and for-profit organizations, as well as performing as a professional musician, have all been a great assets to our Members and the operation of our club.

This year, Lady Victoria of Essex has brought sweeping changes to the way the Board of Somewhere in Time Unlimited operates, how Events are being planned, produced and will be executed.  A fresh breath of air has blown into the sails of SITU-University which offers education for the historical costumer.

“We have a number of exciting new Design Studios and Workshops lined up for this year,” said Lady Victoria.  “There are several new guest instructors who have stepped forward to teach.  I am looking forward to attending many of them myself!”

The club has over 100 registered “households” – which may be an individual person, or an entire family.  There have been 4 organized Events held per year.  Lady Victoria has encouraged more “Dress-up Opportunities” to be brought forth from the general public, at which SITU Members and friends can attend in historical attire.

Lady Victoria of Essex finds great support in the Board of Directors.  Presently serving are: Lady Paisley Frith (Treasurer), Candice Davis (Secretary), Karen Lovejoy (SITU-U Coordinator), Patty Teubner (Events Coordinator), and Lady V’s twin, Rita Harris (WebMistress).

If you enjoy Victorian dress, 1920’s dressing like PBS’s “Phryne Fisher,” the vintage 1950’s style of Sinatra,  18th century elegance, Jane Austen or the Regency era, chances are good this club has something for you!

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