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Chocolate Victorian Valentine Cookies

Do you catch yourself drooling, just at the thought of the words “chocolate”, “Victorian” and “cookies”?  I know I’m drooling  

Lady Victoria is always on the hunt for recipes which can be used for a Proper High Tea or a Valentine’s Day Tea (such as the one being planned by Somewhere in Time, Unlimited) or served when entertaining friends, ideally whilst wearing fashionable historical attire such as Victorian clothing!  

Today while doing a bit of research, Lady Victoria of Essex stumbled across a fellow blogger’s post wherein she mentions that she had baked these lovely cookies and decorated them in Royal Icing all while her twin boys nibbled happily on another cookie.  Now, what’s a Victorian cookie-loving woman to do except alert her blog followers of the wonderfully simple recipe, so all can prepare them for the impending holiday?  

I can already visualize these beauties as they are displayed artistically in a collection of other tea items on a 3-tier stand as a hot cup of tea emits little puffs of steam nearby.  Mmmmmm.  You can guess what is on my list of  “must do’s” next weekend…  

Joyfully yours,
Lady Victoria (& Sir Harry)

Seattle, Lady Victoria & Sir Harry of Essex



Lady Victoria and husband Sir Harry of Essex (London), reside these days in picturesque Seattle, Washington USA. They interact with a number of vintage or antique groups, including the historical costuming group Somewhere in Time, Unlimited. Come, enjoy an afternoon with Lady V and Sir Harry!

One thought on “Chocolate Victorian Valentine Cookies

  1. dear Lady Victoria,

    Thankyou for leaving a comment on my blog
    It is TRULY amazing to find a Catholic Historical costumeir online; because so far I thought it nearly impossible, but i am glad to be wrong.
    I have spent the last ten minutes with my mouth open at your delicious hats! I have yet to obtain/make a hat!

    What exactly is a Link exchange? Sorry i havent heard the terms yet.

    But anywhoes!
    Thankyou once more!
    I hope we can keep in touch and drool over costumes and pictures of chocolate together!
    May God Bless you!
    Sincerely Yours,

    Miss Simplicity.
    Or Miss Mia 😀

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