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Titanic – Survivors Hit…

Titanic - Dressed out in banners, Good Friday 1912
Titanic - Dressed out in banners, Good Friday 1912, Courtesy Michael Pocock

…A joyful note this past Feb 28, 2009 when the members and friends of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited held Titanic-The Survivors’s Ball in Seattle, Washington. 

This historic costuming group paid homage to the fallen and the survivors of this noteworthy vessel in our history.  Guests were treated to a 7-course Edwardian-style dinner which was catered by Cindy Madsen of Ravenrook Feasts as a special benefit to the group.  Ms. Madsen dished up sumptuous round after round, while a few senior classmembers of Holy Names Academy provided excellent table-side service.  Thank you to the lovely ladies adorned in Battenburg-lace aprons.

web-63-loveday-fred-cropped1The delightful husband/wife duo of Kleinschmidt and Conquest, dressed in their special formal attire for the evening.

Several times, this couple (along with many other attendees) could be seen about the room chatting with other guests and partaking in the excellent dinner.

Long-time members of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited, they can be seen in several photos on the main website’sPrior Events“.

Guests were encouraged to pose before the image of Titanic in preparation of  “boarding”.


web-713-vanetta-gene-22Always stylish and chic, Mr. & Mrs. Cash stepped out in grand style and allowed a quick snap of the photo lens to capture their dashing image!

Not to be outdone, I hear they were spotted twirling to a tune or two during the evening.  The rest of the time, they were lively company to their tablemates with news of “other survivors” in attendance….

This couple is relatively new to the group Somewhere in Time, Unlimited but have been spotted at a number of events since “coming aboard”.  They are great fun and I hope you get to meet them soon.

Opera Singer - Jeffrey Jordan & The Ragtime Orchestra
Opera Singer - Jeffrey Jordan & The Ragtime Orchestra

World-renowned opera tenor Jeffrey Jordan graced the audience with his brilliant performance of various songs all evening including “Torna A Sorriento”.  (Currently, he performs with Seattle Opera as well as represents the needs of artistic individuals when purchasing or selling homes in the Seattle area as a real estate agent.)  His vocal duet partner this evening was none other than soprano Lady Victoria, also of local Seattle fame.

Orchestra Maestro - Phil Wilkinson
Orchestra Maestro - Phil Wilkinson

Their musical efforts were complimented by the very talented, 13-piece Ragtime Waltz Orchestra lead by Maestro Phil Wilkinson.

The Maestro had chosen musical pieces that reflected the Titanic era such as “After The Ball”, “I Want a Gal, (just like the gal that married dear old dad)” and a number of ragtime, “piano-roll blues” and Castle waltz favorites which his orchestra performed “to a T”.  Well done, ladies and gents!!!

Also in attendance was a young ballerina Miss Madeline Peters who is sure to be a rising star on Seattle’s stage.  We look forward to seeing more of your performances Ms. Peters!  Guests enjoyed the dance instruction of the Castle Waltz as performed by Miss Christine Pinto and Miss Pippin Sardo.  This demonstration was the opening signal that the dance floor was now open for all to enjoy.  Thank you, ladies.

web-p1020668Master of Ceremonies for the evening was the dashing and charming “Captain” Alfred Myers.  His beautiful wife Linda greeted guests as they “boarded” and pinned fragrant carnation  boutonnieres to lapels and dresses.  Thank you to you both for enchanting everyone with your style and grace and making us feel so welcome!

If you missed this Event but enjoy historical costuming, hop out to the website of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited and check out the Calendar to see when you might meet up with us again.  We are headed for Port Townsend, Washington next for their Victorian Festival.  See you soon….



Lady Victoria and husband Sir Harry of Essex (London), reside these days in picturesque Seattle, Washington USA. They interact with a number of vintage or antique groups, including the historical costuming group Somewhere in Time, Unlimited. Come, enjoy an afternoon with Lady V and Sir Harry!

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