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Looking for reenactors in Seattle?

Look no further for either the reenactors OR the “Dress-up Opportunities” to participate!

Somewhere in Time, Unlimited is a costume, historical events social group based in the Seattle area.  Many of us wear vintage costumes or custom-make our own.  Although we host at least 4 major Events per year, we also like to participate in a number of fun and interesting things happening in our community at which we can turn up in costume, fitting of the theme of course! 

One such “Dress-up Opportunity” is going to be this weekend at the Master Builders’ Association “REX Awards” for the remodelers (this is THEIR Academy Awards), who will win top notations in their industry.  We were asked by the MBA to act as “color” to their event and show up in 1920’s sort of garb to do the “meet and greet” of all the people coming to the awards on Saturday evening.  Coooooool, huh?  We’re very honored indeed.

Then, on June 28, 2008, you will find us in 1908 attire up at the Carnegie Library in Snohomish, WA for the Capital Campaign Kick-offSeems that the city needs to raise money to restore the beautiful old library into a meeting space / hall rental sort of space since there is now a “new” library just down the street.  Wave at us when you go by (we’ll be out front), or BETTER YET, come in and make a donation!!!!

Another FUN “Dress-up Opportunity” is happening on July 19, 2008.  SITU members are signed up to participate in the “Hi-Yu” Parade in West Seattle.  This is a famous community parade and part of the annual Sea-Fair Festivities in the Seattle area.  Since SITU doesn’t officially own a “float”, I’m entering my old Dodge pick-up truck as the “float” and we’re inviting folks interested to come join us.  We’ll be dressed in 1920’s and 1930’s style, playing music from the truck, walking in the parade route and waving at the crowd.  For a few of the mature members, we’ll have the bed of the truck available to sit on (perched on a bale of hay perhaps?) so they too, can wave at the crowd.  Afterwards, we’re going to a member’s home who lives in W. Seattle for a picnic lunch at her little cottage.  Should be a total blast.  I encourage anyone from the Seattle area to email me so we can coordinate meeting up at the head of the parade.  Email to:  LadyVictoria “at”

And this just BEGINS the fun we have set up for the second half of 2008!  Hop out to our regular website:  or if it’s easier to remember:  and take a look at theCalendar” for a running list of what’s happening, “Dress-up” for those community Dress-up Opportunities“, andUpcoming Eventsthat will show you what we have officially planned to host this year.  There will be “Opportunities” for Victorian reenactors in Seattle and WWII reenactors coming up next year too.

Hope you too, can be a Seattle reenactor and join with us in the frivolity!!!!

Smiles from the lush and green NW corner of these GREAT United States,
Auntie Rita


Lady Victoria and husband Sir Harry of Essex (London), reside these days in picturesque Seattle, Washington USA. They interact with a number of vintage or antique groups, including the historical costuming group Somewhere in Time, Unlimited. Come, enjoy an afternoon with Lady V and Sir Harry!

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