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New Spin – A Classy Victorian Dessert?

Okay, so this blog of mine was SUPPOSED to be about costuming, but I’ve had so many conversations in recent times about what to cook, what to serve, what’s easy to bring along to costuming events when you’re already wearing the costume and have to lug your treats in from the car, train or whatever that I’m adding some dimension to my blog.

So, I’ve made a new entry called “Menu Ideas” and I hope to be able to post up some cool “High Tea” sort of ideas along with dinner menus, after all, even menus in theme are “in costume”!

That said, I was out on the internet looking for other Victorian-like-minded folk when I tripped across this delightful website run by Marye Audet whose website is:  Seemingly, she is a very talented woman and has just recently posted a recipe for a Victorian Poundcake made with almonds and rose water (okay, she’d add some rose petals too), so I wanted to give her credit for coming up with this cool idea.  Here is the direct link if you’d like to read it for yourself:

As the events coordinator of Somewhere in Time, Unlimited of Seattle, Washington (a costumed historical events group), we hold Teas by attending tearooms around the area that will be willing to host a large number of us.  My friends Miss Bobbie and Miss Joan have done a wonderful job thus far, choosing the locations for SITU to have a Tea.  I personally have an idea on the back-burner to have SITU actually host a formal Tea at a railstation.  The participants could come in Victorian and Edwardian attire, have tea, go for a ride and then drive home to Seattle.  Sounds kinda fun, huh?  If I can pull this together, I intend to use Miss Marye’s Victorian Poundcake as one of the features of the afternoon’s Tea. 

Thank you for making the post and giving everyone the recipe to a creative poundcake.  We raise our tea-cups to you in honor!!! 

Auntie Rita in the rainy, but lush and green NW corner of these GREAT United States.


Lady Victoria and husband Sir Harry of Essex (London), reside these days in picturesque Seattle, Washington USA. They interact with a number of vintage or antique groups, including the historical costuming group Somewhere in Time, Unlimited. Come, enjoy an afternoon with Lady V and Sir Harry!

One thought on “New Spin – A Classy Victorian Dessert?

  1. Thanks so much, Somewhere in Time, for letting me know about your group and how you came to Pike Place during its 100 year anniverary!

    I started writing a blog on Pike Place last Fall, and it’s been a really interesting experience. There’s so much history involved with the Market that I hadn’t anticipated! Of course, thats your whole schtick so I’m sure you already had a sense of the richness of life and times that’s associated with the Market…

    I hope we have the opportunity to see you again and I’ll be sure and follow the link you provided to see you guys in action down at the Market. As you know, I write a blog with the Seattle P.I. on anything related to the Market. Please feel free to drop by again whenever and let me know if you’ll be stopping by for a visit! Thanks! david

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