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Results on “Burns Night” festivities…

My oh my!  My feet are still aching today, and it’s MONDAY!

The Robbie Burns Night that my historical events costuming group held here in Seattle to celebrate the Scottish poet was a rousing success.  We had a piper who piped folks into the hall when they arrived, fabulous food, a musical group providing great music as well as a dance troupe that came to teach Scottish Country Dancing!

The costumes were absolutely wonderful.  My friend Kimberly had purchased an outfit when she was at a Renfaire sort of event, so she was all set. Others went out of their way to put together beautiful “Scottish” themed dresses or other 18th century attire.  Several of the men came dressed in kilt and hat while others merely wore plaid shirts and dark pants and “called it a day”.

As for me?  I used the Simplicity pattern and created my own hat based on a little cap I had found that a piper had worn and discarded at a 2nd hand store.  I sewed it out of the same plaid fabric as my skirt and then attached cock feathers to compliment the whole thing.  I dare say, I think I looked the part, even if I was a chubby-tubby complete with petticoat underneath!

I will be posting out photos of the event to my regular website once I start receiving them in from costuming members who shot digital cameras.  I have to have approval of the individuals in the photos before I can put them out onto the web officially.  But, feel free to swing past the site: or if that will help you remember the site easier and check if I’ve loaded up under Past Events a Robert Burns tab!

All the best “to ye” from the lush and green NW corner of these GREAT United States!  Auntie Rita


Lady Victoria and husband Sir Harry of Essex (London), reside these days in picturesque Seattle, Washington USA. They interact with a number of vintage or antique groups, including the historical costuming group Somewhere in Time, Unlimited. Come, enjoy an afternoon with Lady V and Sir Harry!

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