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A thread of the conversation…

…with my friend Bobbie revealed that she has now enrolled in design classes at Seattle Central Community College!  Mind you, this is a woman who is very precise in her sewing and costuming skills as it is, and now she is REALLY going to have some “amo” when it comes to creating patterns on the fly!

Checking into the description of the class and assuming I looked up the correct one, I see that not only will the 6-credit course teach pattern development and design, construction techniques and design principles, it also brings the 21st century into play by having the students use computers for technical drawings, story boards, presentations and such.

Okay, so you get the idea that this is really a course intended for the younger generation who wish to create a line of clothing and “Ta-Da!” introduce themselves into the world as “Designers”.  However, I think this is really a wonderful opportunity for costumer Bobbie as well.  Unless you have studied a lot of old costumes, are really talented in the sewing arena or have an awareness of clothing construction, most of us have only had access to our make-believe world via the pattern instructions of Folkwear, McCalls, Butterick, Simplicity, etc.

I’ve been out on the web looking for other historical costumers who might be blogging.  I’d even be interested in folks who have used the Folkwear patterns for the sake of cool events!  As the Activities Coordinator (as of this writing) for Somewhere In Time, Unlimited (we’re a historical costuming group based in Seattle, Washington USA), I personally think it’s wonderful to hear about other people and the events they’ve planned, what costumes were worn, where the event was held and so forth.

Should you be interested in seeing some photos of OUR events, hop on over to our main site: and click on “Past Events” for photos.  If you go to “Upcoming Events” you’ll see the events in the very near future.  Another tab called “Dress Up” (which shows a little dog) will list other opportunities out in our general area which people can participate in but are not formally put-together events by SITU.

Feel free to respond back if you’ve done a design class, got an idea for an event, willing to share back a link to a site with some cool photos.  Thank you for all the positive comments received thus far.  I’ve enjoyed “speaking” with you!

Wishing you a delightful Autumn from Seattle in the lush and green Northwest corner of the U.S.,
Auntie Rita


Lady Victoria and husband Sir Harry of Essex (London), reside these days in picturesque Seattle, Washington USA. They interact with a number of vintage or antique groups, including the historical costuming group Somewhere in Time, Unlimited. Come, enjoy an afternoon with Lady V and Sir Harry!

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