I’m so excited!

Today’s the day.  I’m booking the reservations for my husband (Harry) and me on the paddle-wheeler The American Queen!  I’ve been organizing a trip with my historical costuming group from Seattle (Somewhere In Time, Unlimited) to fly down to New Orleans and then take a leisurely river trip up the Mississippi to Vicksburg.

My dear friend Pippin (of whom I’ve written before) wants us to take along hoop-skirts and the like so that we can be in costume as we go along.  I tend to be a bit more conservative about this since I think a hoop might be inconvenient when we board large motor coaches on our way to touring the plantation mansions.  Maybe “dressing for dinner” will be what I’ll settle on doing.

I’m stoked about the trip however!  For folks who love Civil War Re-enactment, historical costuming or merely love the “Old South” with the antebellum mansions, The Oaksthis is the trip of a lifetime for you to consider!  As a former passenger with the cruise line, I was able to get a discounted fare for “Friends and Family”.  This means that I offered the discount immediately to the SITU costumers and now, if you gentle reader, are also interested, click over onto the SITUSeattle website to read details on the pricing and such.  Feel free to email me directly from the SITUSeattle site if you need additional questions answered.

Just imagine how COOOOOOL it will be to be in the company of other like-minded costumers!  I can hardly wait…. 

Auntie Rita located in the lush and green Northwest!


~ by situseattle on October 3, 2007.

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